A month of (enforced) planning

Rain rain go away ...

Wow! Hasn't November been a bit of a wet month! While I am not adverse to getting out and about in the rain, my gear is not weather sealed so I am reluctant to take it out in anything more than light showers. This has left it mostly sitting on the side or in my bag by the door ready to go.

A part of me has felt like I'm under house arrest. I've been climbing the walls longing for the sun or just for the rain to let up on a day I am free to venture out. I have though tried to use the time I've had inside productively and I've been putting a lot of thought into where I want to go with my photography and getting down to basics. I think I've figured this out (finally!) and with that has come a much clearer sense of direction. I've given my website a revamp with fresh images, text, well everything really and I'm happy that it gives a sense of who I am as well as showcasing some of my favourite images and making them available for sale.

I've also spent a few hours renaming the folders and setting up collections in Lightroom so I can easily find a set of images whenever I want to. I've even had some of my images printed which are mounted and bagged ready for the daunting task of approaching a local shop or two in the hope they may be willing to add them to their stock.

So I feel that the rain has helped me to tick off a number of items on the every growing to do list. I do though hope the weather shows some pity soon as I am itching to get out and spend some quality time with my little black box. If not, I may just have to consider upgrading to a weather sealed unit!